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    Creating a dry garden

    Think about creating a dry garden to help save on water, effort and still have a beautiful space, great for pollinators. It has become much more popular due to the current changing climate. This style of gardening helps to reduce the need for irrigation and can be useful for areas that do not have a good water supply, but where to start? This guide will help you on your way.

    Growing Dazzling Dahlias

    It is really easy to start growing dazzling Dahlias. They’ve seen a huge big comeback over recent years, with many more people growing all kinds of varieties in the garden and on the allotment. The many types and colours mean there really is a Dahlia for everyone, and you can pick from various shapes, colours and sizes. Not to forget they are one of the most popular flowers on social media. 

    15 garden tips for August

    August means holidays and lazy days soaking up the sunshine. Now’s the time to relax in the garden and enjoy the results of all your hard work. And to keep your garden looking great all summer, read our top gardening tips for August.

    Houseplant of the month: Cacti

    If you’re looking for hard-to-kill houseplants, a cactus is just what you need. This huge group of plants comes in all shapes and sizes, from tiny furry specimens to prickly giants, so there’s one to suit every taste. And they’re very easy to grow - just follow our simple guide.

    Deadheading flowers

    Get on top of deadheading flowers to ensure your plants continue blooming for as long as possible. Make flowers bloom throughout the summer and even into autumn. Many gardeners find this job can be a little tedious, but we love it because it means that you are helping the plant put its energy into producing more flowers and stopping setting seed. So grab your secateurs and keep those plants flowering for as long as possible.

    15 top tips to keep your pets cool in summer

    We want our pets to enjoy summer as much as we do, but when the heat is really on, they can struggle to stay cool. Here are a few tips to keep your pet feeling comfortable and happy this summer.

    How to make a plant terrarium

    Do you wonder how to make a plant terrarium, after seeing them pop up all over the place recently? They have not only become very trendy but are a lovely way to grow plants in small spaces. If you own a business they can be a good way to bring some plant life to the room with little care as well. Buying them already made up is an option but why not make one yourself? That way you get to understand the plants and can even personalise it as well.

    How to make a chandelier hanging planter

    Want to create a chandelier hanging planter with a difference? Here's how to turn an old chandelier into a beautiful and unusual addition to your garden.

    Top 5 reasons why gardening relieves stress

    Gardening is a great activity that relieves stress. Gardening has become so much more popular over recent years, especially during the lockdown as people discover how important being outside in nature is for mental and physical health wellbeing. It has even become better documented in the media along with show gardens by royalty being designed for some of our best-loved garden and flower shows. But why is gardening so good for us? If you are a gardener, you will know getting outside with the plants can be a great stress reliever and here are some of the reasons why it helps.

    Give bees a boost

    Give bees a boost! We need our bees, and they need us too. Their industrious ways give us food for our tables and honey for our toast, so it’s only fair that we give them a helping hand whenever we can. Here are a few things you can do to make your garden more bee-friendly.

    Combine different textures in your home

    It is really satisfying to combine different textures in your home to create a unique and personal space with all of your favourite colours, textiles and of course, plants. There are many ways to achieve layers of texture that combined make for a home you can relax in, party in and even work in. We’ve put together these ideas to help you work with textures for any look you want to achieve. 

    Planting grasses

    Planting Grasses, the garden plant of the moment, is really easy when you know what you are playing with. Some of the most stunning garden designs and landscapes are planted with swathes of grasses, especially those interplanted with perennials similar to Piet Oudolf's popular planting style. If you have a small space, grasses can give structure and texture to small borders and pots. Grasses can be used in many different ways that work for your garden. Here are some great ways to work with this lovely garden plant of the moment.