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    15 x gardening tips for May

    May is the month when the garden really starts to get going, and there’s plenty to do. And while you’re following our top 15 May gardening tips, don’t forget to take some time to just relax and enjoy watching your garden grow.

    Houseplant of the month: Peace Lily

    It’s no wonder the peace lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii) is one of the most popular houseplants available today. With its glossy dark green leaves and dramatic hooded white flowers, it makes a fabulous focal point in any room. This visitor from the tropical rainforests of South America has been brightening up our homes since the 1870s, thanks to its good looks and easy-going nature. Here’s how to keep your peace lily looking its best.

    Fun seeds to sow during late spring

    Springtime is the busiest time of year for sowing seeds with windowsills and greenhouses full of seed trays, seedlings sprouting up and pots of plants being potted up. It's a great time to enjoy the magic of gardening, and there is nothing as fascinating as watching a seed germinate and start growing strong, no matter how long you have been gardening for. There are still plenty of seeds that can be sown late in Spring and throughout the summer, some of which include these below.

    What to do against the box tree moth

    Gardeners have many pests and diseases to overcome, but one much more prevalent in recent years is the box tree moth. Cydalima perspectalis is native to China, Japan and Korea but was discovered in Europe by 2007, thought to have been transported over by infected boxwood plants. It is now also found in Canada and North America. Here is some more information on the detection and prevention of the pest.

    Bring Japan into your home with Ficus Bonsai

    If you’d like to bring Japan into your home with a Ficus Bonsai, now is a great time to get started. Known as the common Fig or Chinese Banyan, you’ll find it growing in Southwest Asia where there are many species both evergreen and deciduous and it is one of the best to grow as a Bonsai.

    How to sow a wildflower meadow patch

    What’s more beautiful than a meadow in full flower? Sowing your own wildflower patch! Sadly, most of our natural fields have vanished, but you can recreate one in your garden. You don’t have to have a lot of space – just a small patch of the flowering meadow will provide gorgeous summer colour for your garden, as well as food for butterflies, bees, little birds and other wildlife. And since you don’t need to mow it every week, you’ll have much more time to sit and enjoy it. 

    Top 6 ideas for vertical gardening

    Whatever size garden you have, using vertical areas can bring a whole new dynamic to your space, plus it means you can fit in even more plants! From walls to fences and any available space your have, we've got these top 6 tips to get you growing upwards in the garden.

    What to do about garden weeds

    Sooner or later, every gardener has to get to grips with weeds. Sometimes called ‘plants in the wrong place’, weeds tend to turn up just where we don’t want them in our gardens. They compete with plants for water and nutrients, and can quickly spread and take over in a garden. While it’s never going to be possible to eradicate weeds, there are steps you can take to get them under control, and the first step is to understand how weeds grow.

    Plants that thrive in the bathroom

    If you've seen plants that thrive in the bathroom the numerous photographs on social media showing an abundance of plants in bathrooms you might be wondering how you can make your bathroom into a paradise of plants. It is so relaxing to green up the bathroom and take a show amongst your very own jungle. Or perhaps a long soak until some hanging plants. It is also surprisingly easy to convert your bathroom into a showering haven where you can soak and relax among the plants after a hard day. Here are our top suggestions for plants that will grow well in the humidity of a bathroom and look great at the same time.

    Garden plant of the moment: Clematis

    With so many different clematis varieties available, there’s one in flower just about every month of the year, and right now, it’s the turn of the spring-flowering clematis to dazzle with their display of gorgeous blooms.

    Top ten Easter gardening ideas

    Your Easter weekend will be an enjoyable time with these top ten Easter gardening ideas.

    Flower of the month: Gerbera

    It is time to celebrate the sunny Gerbera, one of those plants that can uplift a garden, patio or balcony. With its vibrant colours and length of flowering, it is a must for any gardener who wants a zing of zest that's easy caring. Did you know that Gerbera's are great for bees and butterflies? We've put together this information to help you grow some sunny Gerbera's.