OK lets be honest about this. 

Our customer’s have told us that visits to Garden Centres should be about plants. They should be the stars of the show.

They have also told us that they love our plantaria because it is at the heart of everything we do, in fact you could say that after seven generations, a passion for flowers 
is in our blood.

Our ever changing plant range has been chosen to appeal to both those new to gardening, who are looking for stunning easy to care for plants to fill their gardens with colour and fragrance through to slightly more unusual subjects to delight even the most discerning gardener.

 But don’t take our word for it…

This is what our customers said about our plantaria… 

“The plants here always look so healthy, you can tell they are well looked after”

“Fantastic variety of vegetables and herbs”

“It has inspired me to start growing my own veg”

“The plants I buy from here always thrive”