Grafted Vegetable Plants

These grafted vegetable plants are the best varieties grafted onto the most vigorous root stock. These plants will benefit from an Increased yield, a longer cropping season, a greater disease resistance and have a greater tolerance to nutritional disorders. They will also need less heat and perform better without a greenhouse. All plants required protection from frost.

Chili Pepper Big Devil — Long Red. This variety produces an abundance of 12-14cm long, slender peppers that combine heat with sweet undertones. The plant is compact so will look great in a patio container or greenhouse. Harvest from early summer.

Cucumber Baby Rocky — Mini. A vigorous plant producing uniformed sized baby cucumbers with a crisp taste. It matures early and produces plenty of fruits in both low and high temperature conditions. The fruit grows to the average length of 8-9cm. Grow in a greenhouse. Harvest from early summer.

Cucumber Kuper F1 — Standard .Produces medium to dark green 32-36cm fruits, cylindrical and straight with a crisp texture and bitter-free flavour. Grow in greenhouses and harvest from early summer.

Sweet Pepper Maccabi — Red. An elongated glossy red pepper filled with flavour, starting out green then turning red as they mature. Slightly larger than most sweet peppers at 16cm long. Great for salsas, salads or grilled. Harvest from early summer.

Tomato Agora (San Marzano Type) - Plum. This variety produces long blocky, oval, dark red fruits which are sweet, firm and fleshy. Especially suitable for sauces, but also good for salads and preserving. Long harvest period from early summer.

Tomato Gusta - Mini Red. This variety produces small irresistibly sweet and juicy red fruits with a high sugar content. An early ripening and heavy cropping variety. Grow in a greenhouse or sheltered spot outside. Ideal for salads and snacking.

Tomato Kilates—Baby Plum. This slightly elongated mid red tomato is both meaty, tasty and has a low moisture content making it great to cook with as well as to preserve. Harvest from early summer.

Tomato Maestria—Beefsteak. This produces consistently good large medium red tomatoes. It is resistant to mildew problems and an easy plant for beginners. It performs well in gardens as well as greenhouses. Harvest from early summer.

Tomato Shirley—Medium. This variety is a beautiful shade of orange-red, a perfectly shaped and sweet tomato makes this very popular. Harvest from early summer.

Tomato Sungold — Yellow Cherry. This has a high sugar content with small, sweet and juicy, golden-orange fruit. A very heavy cropping variety. Great in salads.

Tomato Supersweet — Cherry. This variety can produce up to 100 small fruits on a single stand. The fruits are slightly larger than a regular cherry tomato and have exceptionally good flavour. Harvest from early summer.

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