“Looking for the Extraordinary!”

 “Aspiring to lead the way forward!”

Our aim is to provide you with choice. The choice of visiting somewhere local, a place of beauty, a place full of the unusual, a place of extraordinary high class gifts and accessories that are affordable for all of us.

Our ethos, “Don’t be Ordinary, be extraordinary” worked well for us last year and our aspirations for this year are to be even better at Standing out from the crowd. Whether you are interested in our gallery of jewellery & accessories, choosing a gift or selecting something for your home, we will be leading you on to the path forwards in Style and Fashion.

Shop Till You Drop  - Well that’s what we’ve just done at the trade fairs and we think that you will too when you visit Our Shop at Forest Garden Centre.






We have some great Autumn & Winter colours, exciting designs and are now stockists of some big names in the jewellery and accessory arena including
Sea Gems and Rodgers & Rodgers based locally in Chesterfield among others.

For fun, fashion and flamboyancy, there are big beads in bold colours and in contrast we have cabinets full of quite simply timeless classic pieces for every Lady of every age. Come along and try some on, mix, match and co-ordinate with your own outfits and with any of our other accessories.


This season, from the first buds of the snowdrops appearing, Scarves have been the biggest and most sought after accessory. From the soft linens and embroidered silks to the cool cotton, even on the most balmy summer evening, scarves have been sassy, stylish and sophisticated.


Big designs and some big decisions Ladies as you decide on colour ,texture, size and basically just how many to have. You know you can never have enough handbags!

So Ladies, remember, don’t be ordinary, be extraordinary and get your leading fashion accessories for you and your home from the Inspirational Gift Shop at Forest Garden Centre.