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    Small but perfectly formed

    Daffodils aren't just for March. You can enjoy their cheerful yellow trumpets in your garden from January until May if you plan cleverly: we've got a fantastic choice in our Two Dales, Matlock garden centre to help you do just that.

    Early to rise:

    'Rijnveld's Early Sensation': in flower by Christmas some years. Brilliant yellow and 35cm tall
    'February Gold': does what it says on the tin: this pure yellow gem reaches just 15cm in late February
    'Tete a Tete': one of the best miniatures, flowering prolifically with golden swept-back petals. About 15cm

    Mid-season marvels:

    Tenby daffodil (Narcissus obvallaris): Wordsworth's golden daffodil: small and dainty at 25cm
    'Rip Van Winkle': miniature double with a spiky mane of green-tinged, spiky petals. To 15cm
    'Jenny' is a mid-sized daffodil at 25cm, with a pale butterscotch trumpet and swept-back, creamy petals

    Late and lovely:

    'Dutch Master': brilliant golden trumpets and a delicate scent, growing to 45cm tall
    'Cheerfulness' is a double with three or four scented blooms on each stem: 45cm
    Pheasant's eye daffodil (Narcissus poeticus var. recurvus): among the last to flower, these delicate white daffs are also scented: 40cm tall

    Please ask the staff in our garden centre in Two Dales, Matlock for more information and advice about choosing daffodils for a long display.

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